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What are the Akashic Records ?

The Akashic Records are an etheric or energetic record of all the experiences of every soul that has ever lived. They are a vibrational record of the events, thoughts, beliefs and feelings of every human being in all of their lifetimes.


They contain details of our soul contracts and the potentials, possibilities and soul learning we have chosen for ourselves in our current incarnation.


It is possible to access these records and to download information which will help us cope with the problems and challenges we face. The high vibration quantum energy of the Akashic Records facilitates healing and transformation and can be used as a valuable ascension tool.


The Akashic Records are an oasis of love and compassion and not only help us to heal but to align with our soul selves and reach our highest potential.


Why have a reading ?

A reading can help you to

  1.   gain clarity about challenges and issues you are facing.

  2.   understand  the origins of limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns of behaviour.

  3.   gain a deeper understanding of your relationships with family members and friends.

  4.   learn about your soul contract for this lifetime.

  5.   discover your life purpose and mission and create a pathway forward.

  6.   do deep healing on a soul level.

  7.   move forward rapidly on your path.

  8.   find out about past lives that are linked to your current lifetime.

  9.   connect and communicate with your soul.

  10.   bring your human and soul selves into harmony and alignment.

  11. live a more authentic and purposeful life.

Through accessing our akashic records we can find answers to everyday questions and help with decision making.

You are asked to exercise discernment with the information you receive and to understand there are many potentialities and possibilities for each of us as souls and more than one way of following our life’s plan.

Your reading is information I have downloaded after accessing your Akashic Records. It is not an indelible blueprint for the future. It represents the highest potential for you as a soul in this lifetime. It will give an elevated perspective of the life lessons of your soul and chosen path in your current incarnation. Some of this reading will resonate and some may not.

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